Monthly Archives: January 2013

Folding Chair Revitalization

I gave a second life to some folding chairs that have been at my PawPaw’s farm for, well probably 30 or more years. They have just been sitting for at least 15 years so I grabbed them and gave them a new life….

With a little of this:


Which may I add is AMAZING. I usually just go with what I “think” would work, but there was a Lowe’s employee right there so I asked what would be the best to use on HEAVY rust, like, been sitting on a farm for 30 years, rust. This is what he suggested. After a couple coats and then a hammered silver spray paint these:


Turned into these:




Considering nice solid metal chairs run $40 in the stores, I am thrilled with my little remodel for about $12.00.


Mud Room Re-Do

So I had a grand idea of updating my “mudroom” aka, catch all room by the garage. Everything seems to end up here. I had been eying some old oak pallets in my grandpa’s barn for a while and finally asked if I could have one. He couldn’t understand why I would want a 50+ year old pallet covered in cow poop! I had grand ideas to turn it into a wall hanger just like those awesome one’s on Pinterest! Well…..I started cleaning my 50+ year old oak pallet and it started falling apart. The wood was either petrified and hard as a rock or crumbly. So, after an impromptu trip to Ikea, here is what amazing happened!!

Now there is a spot for backpacks, jackets, purses and even things that need to go out the door soon, like class Valentines, and baby shower gifts!!