Storage Locker Make Over

I knew that when I came upon this:


at a garage sale for $10 I HAD to have it, no matter how pitiful it looked! I had been looking for a bookshelf for a while for my daughters room. This metal storage locker was in reasonably sad condition but had little rust and very solid. I started with a a MAJOR sanding job. It took a while to get the drips and inconsistencies smoothed off from the hot pink paint. Although I didn’t get it perfectly smooth, I sanded as much as I could. After, I used some  cream “oops” paint I had as a primer coat.

photo 3

After the primer dried, I went to town. I painted the outside in a light purple color and the inside of the door a teal. Then decided to do each cubby a different color. Since this was plain latex paint, I did take it outside and spray some clear enamel spray paint to hopefully seal it so that it will not scratch off.

photo 4

All I need to do now is find a cute handle to put on the outside and it will be set. Pretty good $10 project if I say so!



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