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Fabric Wall Hanging

This idea started with a scrap pile of wood at my parents new home they are building. The waste they create is unbelievable! I gathered up some 1×1’s and I knew that I had this beautiful piece of fabric I got at a thrift sale that I would have loved to have as curtains in my bedroom, but only had one piece. So here is what I came up with.

First off I laid out my pieces and just decided to cut them so that I had 2 equal long and 2 equal size pieces. I didn’t even measure exact length since these were scrap pieces, I just wanted it as big as the pieces allowed! Then I just used my drill and screwed them together with 2″ screws.

FRAME 1Frame 2

Next I took the iron and ironed my fabric and laid it out and put the frame on top of it. Then my staple gun did the rest! i just pulled it taught and started stapling and wrapped the ends like a present. It was pretty simple, especially with the lines on the fabric helped me keep it even. When I got done, I added double sided Command Strips to hang it.

Staple to FrameAdd Fastners

Lastly, a level and Volia! It adds a lot to my room!