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Mud Room Re-Do

So I had a grand idea of updating my “mudroom” aka, catch all room by the garage. Everything seems to end up here. I had been eying some old oak pallets in my grandpa’s barn for a while and finally asked if I could have one. He couldn’t understand why I would want a 50+ year old pallet covered in cow poop! I had grand ideas to turn it into a wall hanger just like those awesome one’s on Pinterest! Well…..I started cleaning my 50+ year old oak pallet and it started falling apart. The wood was either petrified and hard as a rock or crumbly. So, after an impromptu trip to Ikea, here is what amazing happened!!

Now there is a spot for backpacks, jackets, purses and even things that need to go out the door soon, like class Valentines, and baby shower gifts!!